PB Energy Balls

Today in preparation for a friend’s cookout, I spent the afternoon cooking. Now what I should have been doing all afternoon was studying for an upcoming Midterm. It’s my last semester of grad school and my motivation is low, low, lowwwwwwww. But hey, at least I’m well fed!


My first recipe was from Edible Sound Bites’ blog for Peanut Butter Energy Bites, I had my eye on these energy balls because they are sunflower seed based and I have a bunch of sunflower seeds with no recipes’ planned and thus a great curiosity to use them.

PB Energy Ball - cover 

I utilized my Blendtec blender for this recipe but you can use a food processor if that’s your kitchen tool of choice.

PB Energy Ball Ingredients


The ingredients are as follows:

1/2c Sunflower Seeds

1/4c Rolled Oats

1/2c Dried Apricots

1/2c Peanut Butter (or other nut butter)

1oz Honey

1/4c Vanilla Protein Powder

2 tbsp Ground Flaxseeds


Coconut flakes, cocoa powder or chia seeds to roll and coat energy balls in.


What I like about this recipe is that I am able to get 16-19 balls and each bite is less than 100 calories. I can take a zip lock of 2 or 3 balls to school and have a quick snack before each class that I know is healthy and tasty. I ran my recipe through Spark People to generate a Nutrition Label to show you just how great these snacks are!

PB Energy Nutrition

First up you’ll add the sunflower seeds and oats to the blender and pulse until you have a flour like mixture.

PB Energy Ball - Step 1

Second, add in the apricots to the existing mixture. You’ll pulse until you have a crumbly mixture.

PG Energy Ball - Step 2

Add in the remaining ingredients to the blender and pulse until the components are well mixed.

PB Energy Balls - Step 3

Lastly, remove spoonful’s of the mixture and form into 1” diameter balls.

(At this time you may roll the balls into one of the optional ingredients to coat the energy balls with a topping.)

PB Energy Balls - Step 4

Store energy balls in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks and voilà! 


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