Back on the Bandwagon – With a Green Smoothie in Hand

Hello Friends, it’s been awhile since my last post because I’ve been crazy busy.

While I’ve been busy, I’ve been eating a mix of new recipes from cookbooks and blogs and also I’ve been avoiding cooking like the plague because it can be really, really hard sometimes! On top of that, the process of taking photos adds a great deal of time into the production process for me and there are easily 5+ photo shoots I have saved in my iPhoto files that never made it to the writing stage because I simply didn’t sit down a write.

This is a sadness to me. I like to cook, I like to explore, I value creative outlets and I like to share with others. This blog should be a top priority for me because it hits all the elements of a hobby or discipline that most satisfy me but it has fallen to the wayside.

To get back on the bandwagon, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m eating and what makes me feel good. I know I love fruits and vegetables but I’ll admit, I’m not eating enough. This is a common struggle amongst us omnivores and I decided to tackle it with a popular solution, the Green Smoothie.

Green Smoothie Drinking

Generally I throw things into my blendtec that I know are good for me, I hit the smoothie button and then drink whatever comes out. My smoothies aren’t always delectable but they serve the purpose. Now…this is only half a solution to my problem. I want to eat things that make me feel good, and part of feeling good is enjoying the process of e a t i n g. I opened up my Blendtec recipe book and picked out a few recipes that were both green and protein focused. Along with rotating through the Blendtec Smoothie recipe rolodex and spending time with my good ‘ol friend Instaram which introduced me to Simple Green Smoothies, I’ve found some awesome recipes! My most favorite of favorite new smoothies is the SweetDream a spicy green adventure including cayenne pepper ♡


SweetDream Smoothie by Simple Green Smoothies


2 C Nut-Based Milk (Almond)

2 C Leafy Greens (Spinach)

2 C Mango (or other fruit)

1 Banana

2 T Nut-Butter (Almond)

1 t Cinnamon

¼ t Cayenne


Place in Blendtec blender in the ingredient order listed and select smoothie setting.

If not using a Blendtec or Vitamix – It’s suggested that you blend the leafy greens before you add in the full ingredient list. This is suggested to help finely chop up the greens for a smooth drinkable texture.

Note on the Cayenne pepper – It adds a kick to the smoothie that is quite desirable. There are known benefits to using cayenne pepper including stimulating the digestive tract, detox and possible weight loss support. If you don’t like spicy, skip this ingredient. If you’d like to try but don’t want to get too wild, put a smaller amount into the Smoothie than ¼ t, I won’t tell anybody ☺︎


The SweetDream is super tasty and now a regular repeat in my smoothie mix up. It has 2 cups of leafy greens, which gets me one serving of vegetables right off the bat in the mornings and 3 servings of fruit (2 cups mango + 1 Banana). The Cayenne pepper adds an additional layer of flavor that is honestly, unusual in a green smoothie.


Cheers – Here’s to getting back on the band wagon and eating my fruits and veggies with the help of a Green Smoothie. And always, here’s to eating well and often.


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