Hello there and welcome. Wholly Yum & Purely Fun was created by Monique and Sherree to inspire others to find fun in eating, even if you don’t have a lot of time, and especially if you’re like us and seem to live life running from one thing to the next. Here we are:

Halloween 2013: Monique (left) was a cupcake and Sherree (right) was a homemade Oreo.

Let’s back up. We met on a bus in West Lafayette, IN heading to the orientation for our Master’s program in Human Resource Management at the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University. Throughout all the roller coasters of grad school, we’ve become the best of friends. It’s the kind of friendship where you’ll stick your finger in your friend’s eye to fetch a bug out of it (yes, that really happened!). You can read more about Monique here and Sherree here.

Anyway, grad school is demanding and when push comes to shove, eating is what usually gets pushed out, along with exercising and sleeping. So we’re here to inspire others like us to eat right, now and always, and to have a good time doing it. Finding recipes, tweaking them, and eating the finished product has become a source of fun in our hectic schedules. So what kinds of food to we like to make? Well, we find that raw, whole foods, and plant based meals keep us the happiest and most energized. We don’t really abide by any labels, but you’ll find a lot of vegan and vegetarian recipes. Sherree’s got quite the sweet tooth, so there will be plenty of tasty treats as well. Due to time constraints, we’ll just be posting our adventures in testing recipes but every now and again we might have time for a Mo & She Original.

So what’s in it for you? Well, a whole lot of yum and pure fun! Let us illustrate both with a couple of stories:

It all started with the sharing of food:

First, it was homemade almond milk in a mason jar and homemade granola with raw honey from Monique’s bees. Then, Monique got on a kick of eating raw snacks in ball form and started showing up to class with a few samples for taste-testing. It was the perfect brain food for 8:00am classes. Sherree shared her first attempt at homemade hummus with sprouted chickpeas that had enough raw garlic in it to scare off the worst of vampires. Thankfully, the recipe has improved since then! And then there was the raw lemon bar… Sherree carefully prepared a few small bites to share with Monique in Employment Law. Now, Sherree taste-tested it earlier and knew that it was a little tart but still wanted to share. Unknowingly, Monique scooped up a fairly large size bite and with full confidence, plunged the fork into her mouth. Monique’s eyes started watering and her face went red; it was so tart (imagine sucking on a lemon – that’s what this was like)! Then the laughter came. We tried to conceal it but everyone knows that doesn’t work and only makes it worse. Yes, we are grad students and we do try to act like it. 😉 To Sherree’s defense: …ok, the quantity of lemon juice required was measured by number of lemons and the lemons Sherree used must have been much, much, much, bigger than the one’s used by recipe’s author. So there you have it, food can be fun. It’s a stress reducer and a creative outlet.


Mo & She


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